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Ohad Ben-Shahar



Lazy neurons for good shape: Perceptual inquiry, computational modeling, and cortical implementation

Grant Type: Extended Grant, First Year
Institute: Department of Computer Science and the Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience, Ben-Gurion University

Visual curve completion is a fundamental perceptual mechanism that completes the missing parts between observed contour fragments. Despite its long history, this mysterious perceptual capacity is understood mostly phenomenologically, but less so psychophysically or computationally. This research program is designed to significantly advance our knowledge of the problem in all these fronts by proposing and exploring a new theory in which perceptual completion is a result of very basic physical/biological principles that might govern the operation of the cortical tissue. We plan to study several such principles, derive perceptual predictions, explore them psychophysically, and develop neural circuits that implement them.

Keywords:  Sensory systems,