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Claude Brodski



The role of the transcription factor Otx2 in manicand depressive-like behavior

Grant Type: Young Investigator Grant, Second Year
Institute: Department of Morphology, Ben-Gurion University of Negev

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder, is a severe psychiatric condition that affects approximately on to two percent of the general population. However, the treatment for this disease is often insufficient. This is, at least in part, due to the lack of suitable animal models. Recently, the gene Otx2 has be identified as a susceptibility gene for bipolar disorder. Our preliminary studies indicate that mice with a mutation in this gene show manic- and depressive-like behavior, which could be reversed by drugs used for the treatment of bipolar disorder. The aim of our proposal is to investigate whether Otx2 mouse mutants are a suitable model for bipolar disorder. We expect to provide critical insights in the mechanisms underlying this condition and provide a powerful tool to develop new drugs to treat this devastating disorder.