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Michael Wagner



"Feeling by Seeing": Reconstructing Haptic Sensing by a Non-attentive Visual Method

Grant Type: Young Investigator Grant, First Year
Institute: Psychology and Industrial Engineering Department, Ariel College

Haptic sensing is the integration of tactile and kinesthetic finger feelings. Haptic feedback enables us very delicate motor operations. In new robotic surgical systems, surgeons have no haptic feedback, which seriously impairs their performance. Searching for solutions, we discovered a unique phenomenon: dynamic peripheral visual stimuli could acquire the properties of haptic feedback, and elicit a subjective haptic sense, resembling the “rubber hand illusion”. Being peripheral, our stimulus is unattended, its acquisition is unconscious, and doesn’t require extensive training. We propose to investigate the sensory / behavioral properties of this phenomenon, and its corresponding brain activities.

Keywords:  Sensory systems,