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Alon Shamir



Pharmacologic inhibition of the NRG-ErbB4 signaling pathway in adult brain; effect on complex behavior associated with schizophrenia

Grant Type: Young Investigator Grant, First Year
Institute: The Neuroscience Research Lab, Mazra Mental Health Center

Finding in postmortem human brain, animal models, genetic and functional studies support the involvement of neuregulin and its ErbB4 receptor in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia. However, how, and at which developmental stage alteration in the NRG-ErbB4 signaling contributes to the pathophysiology of schizophrenias is unknown. In the proposed study we will used a pharmacological approach to elucidate the molecular and the behavioral role of the pathway in schizophrenia. Toward this end, we will explore the effect of blocking the ErbB4 signaling pathway on behavioral paradigms relevant to the core symptoms of schizophrenia in young adult mice brain. Revealing the potential mechanism of the involvement of the pathway may lead to a new therapeutic avenue for symptoms of schizophrenia.

Keywords:  Mental disease,