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Izhar Bar-Gad



Neurophysiological mechansim underlying striatal bicuculline induced hyper-behavioral symptoms

Grant Type: Young Investigator Grant, First Year
Institute: Gonda Brain Research Center, Bar Ilan University

Multiple neurological disorders are associated with excessive behaviors such as tics, compulsions or hyperactivity. These disorders are associated with dysfunctions of the cortico-basal ganglia system which consists of motor, associative and limbic pathways. Symptoms of these disorders may be evoked in laboratory animals by local basal ganglia disinhibition. In the current study we propose studying the effect of disinhibition of the limbic (stereotypy) and associative (hyperactivity) pathways on the underlying neuronal activity. This work has clinical implications of improving our understanding of the aforementioned disorders and scientific implications of characterizing the functions of these pathways during normal and abnormal behavior.

Keywords:  Behavioral disorders,