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The American Friends of the National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel Funding Brain Research To Fight Disease Worldwide
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How to Help

A gift to the American Friends of the National Institute of Psychobiology in Israel will support both young and established scholars, thus making careers in Israel attractive to the best and brightest in each scientific field. AFNIPI supports world class research that is recognized by peers and extends the frontiers of knowledge, keeping Israel at the forefront of modern scientific research in psychobiology.

AFNIPI fundraises - by direct appeal / pledging and matching allocations - in order to fund grants.

Every gift helps ensure that Israel continues to provide essential advancements to the world in brain science and mental health.

For Further Information please contact:

Prof. Elliot S. Gershon,
5825 S. Dorchester Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637
Tel 773-546-8037
Fax 773-834-3562